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SkillBridge utilizes a proven virtual business model for its instructors and course content. Working closely with our significant pool of resource partners, SkillBridge can assure that the highest quality and most cost effective solutions are being utilized for all of our offerings.

We are constantly reviewing our services for quality and cost factors to make sure that we are continually leveraging optimal resources. This business model allows SkillBridge to develop and implement highly scalable and customizable solutions. 


SkillBridge works with only top tier resources to act as our Subject Matter Experts and Instructors. Each of our resources posses a unique combination of skills; an in depth and hands-on working knowledge of the particular subject matter that they are involved with, as well as the ability to transfer that knowledge. By utilizing only experienced instructors who are also respected experts in their respective community, SkillBridge leverages their expertise in each delivery we provide.



For virtually every organization, having employees who are not only knowledgeable but who also have the ability to use and apply that knowledge when called upon is vital. In an effort to best assist our clients in bridging the knowledge/skill gap, SkillBridge designs integrated training solutions that are more than just tailored to their company, but built with their goals and processes in mind.


SkillBridge recognizes that training is a significant investment for any company. More than just the cost associated with the training services, the potentially greater cost is the time critical employees must spend attending the training sessions. Therefore, it is imperative that companies receive the greatest value for their training investment. SkillBridge is committed to assuring that our customers receive the highest quality and greatest possible return from the training solutions that we provide.


In an effort to consistently provide high value solutions, SkillBridge applies the following methodology when implementing training programs for our clients: