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SkillBridge specializes in designing and implementing custom tailored training solutions that directly address specific audience requirements. These services extend beyond tailoring existing solutions and include custom development around proprietary and client specific content.






























Custom Training

Some examples of our custom
training development include 


  • BCBS Consumerism Workshop
    SkillBridge, in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield, hosts the Consumerism Workshop, a Macromedia Flash demonstration that provides vital information and tools to BCBS-MA members to allow them to better understand how to lead healthier lives. A wide array of technologies are utilized to support the site such as SQL 2000 and Versign X509 SSL certificate. The customized tracking database offers the ability to record user progress, produce online training reports, and automatically export data feeds in a variety of formats. Weekly excel files are automatically generated to allow 3rd parties to securely download member progress for review.


  • ULTA Workforce Development Training
    SkillBridge, designed and delivered training for Ulta's new Workforce Development Software from SAP. The web based software handles all of the labor and scheduling requirements for each of the retailers 175 locations. The course focuses on teaching managers how to build a great schedule by utilizing store data. This allows managers to assign the most talented personnel at the most optimal times. The course is approximately 90 minutes in length, and provides Ulta with consolidated tracking from all the stores.

  • Champs Footwear Training
    Champs Sports developed a product knowledge course that teaches new and existing sales associates selling skills with regard to footwear. The course focuses on the 5 main parts of the shoe and a section highlighting the different technologies manufacturers use. The course then allows associates to apply the knowledge they have learned in real customer scenarios, and ties in the selling tips they have learned in other Champs sponsored training. The course is 30 minutes in length and is delivered directly through Champs POS systems. Click here for a demo.