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The growing complexity of information security threats puts proprietary information assets at risk on a daily basis.


While a variety of sophisticated security technologies have emerged to address these issues, technology alone cannot secure the enterprise. In addition to technology, an organization’s workforce must understand information security issues and behave in a manner that minimizes risks.


Security Awareness programs enable organizations to improve their security posture by giving employees the knowledge and understanding they need to better protect valuable security information assets through proactive, security-conscious behavior.
Security Awareness programs can be designed to help companies meet regulatory requirements, reduce vulnerabilities by creating a more security aware workforce, increase security knowledge and understanding, and influence appropriate employee behavior at all levels of the workforce.




End User Awareness

These programs can address any number of today's security issues including:


  • Information Protection
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Social Engineering
  • Remote Worker Security
  • Virus Protection
  • Password Security
  • Web Browser Security
  • Email Security
  • Instant Messaging Security
  • Telephone Security
  • Mobile Security

This list is only a sample representation of topics that can be included.  SkillBridge Security's subject matter resources possess a vast range of expertise, and specific topics for each client's requirements are discussed on a case by case basis (see the custom development section for more information on courses built around proprietary subject matter). 


Examples include: