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The next generation of computing is here. 
Small, inexpensive, networked sensors, microcontrollers and processors, controlling all kinds of electro-mechanical devices and hardware already exist.

Known by many names, “Smart Systems,” Embedded Intelligence,” “Pervasive Computing,” “Physical Computing,”  “The Internet of Things,”  “EveryWare”…this next generation of computing  continues to grow more ubiquitous with each passing day. 

The underlying technologies are already in place to support this computing revolution.   New display surfaces are being developed as we speak, from board sized to hand held, to wearable devices, to new materials and fabrics  that can be formed into flexible display surfaces or formed into three dimensional shapes and object. Whether we like it or not, next generation technology will be seamlessly embedded into almost every facet of our lives.

As with any revolutionary technological shift, Ubiquitous Computing presents both opportunities and challenges. As on all other networks, spies, hackers, thieves, or people just trying to cause chaos will seek to gain access this system data. Along with new ideas in systems design and engineering, systems modeling and user interfaces, new ways of thinking about “The Security of Everything” will also be required.

The bottom line — if technology is everywhere, then everything is a target.


SkillBridge seeks to enhance critical national security by strengthening awareness and required skills in various distinct roles.




Security of


We are currently working with industry experts and thought leaders to provide cutting edge training solutions in the following fields:


  • Smart Grid Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Critical Infrastructure Security Series:
  • Security management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Risks and Vulnerability Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Boundary Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Data Lifecycle Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Trust Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Secrets Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Regulatory and Standards Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain and Vendor Management for Critical Infrastructure
  • Control System Security
  • Big Data Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Secure IT/OT convergence
  • Embedded Security
  • Security for Product Development and Supply Chain
  • Security for embedded devices
  • Understanding Cryptography for embedded devices
  • Embedded System Network Security
  • Secure development for embedded devices
  • “The Internet of Things”
  • Understanding Security for the Internet of Things
  • Risk and Vulnerabilities Management for the internet of things